Integrated Entity, York University student Hip Hop dance crew

“Our whole team spiel/motto is just taking different dance styles under the umbrella of hip-hop and putting them together to create a set that is, you know, very different and multi-talented and multi-styled. The whole name, the whole point of our team is bringing together different styles and making something greater and that’s also the same thing we do with this team. We are different people who come search completely different backgrounds and different walks of life, but when you pull us all together, it’s something just really amazing and special and just really cool to see what happens when you bring such different things together.”

Integrated Entity
York University student Hip Hop dance crew

Instagram: @hhdcyork
Facebook: Hip Hop Dance Club at York
Youtube: Hip Hop Dance Club at York

*1st at Bring Your Own Beat (BYOB) Toronto Urban Dance Competition (2018)
*2nd at the Ontario Universities Competition for Hip Hop (2018)

Video credit: 4Boake Creative
Featured in this video: (L-R) James Gibbs, Jose Miguel, Tori-Lee Thompson, Samantha Hansel, Serena Finlayson, and Jopang Simakajornboon


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