Ayesha Amanulla, Staff

York University Communications & Public Affairs Staff, Ayesha Amanulla

“So, here you are too foreign for home too foreign for here. Never enough for both.” Ijeoma Umebinyuo, “diaspora blues”. “I was born and raised in Sri Lanka, an island in the Indian Ocean, spending the majority of my youth there. Fast forward a few years and I was making my plans to pursue my higher education. I’m fortunate to say my school experience in Canada was a pleasant one, there were many others who were in the same situation as I was so it was nice not to be alone.

I found this quote by Ijeoma Umebinyuo and whilst the thought has always been on my mind, seeing it written out by someone else made it real. It’s a reminder that you don’t feel a part of either world you’re from, though you forget that at the same time you are a part of both worlds. I think about this a lot, despite the changes in your life and the attempts you make, it’s not always easy to stay connected with both without losing touch with one.

The feeling of trying to fit into two places can be challenging. It’s trying to keep up with both worlds. Now, I consider both countries my homes, which is an amazing thing to say, I have two homes. I’m incredibly proud of where I have come from and where I am now. Being able to experience both is something I’m grateful for. ”

Ayesha Amanulla, Staff
Digital Analyst
Marketing & Creative Services
Communications & Public Affairs Division
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